Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Africa 2009

I have been in Africa traveling through Namibia and South Africa over a wide range of conditions.  Cool and damp in Swakopmund near the skeleton coast of Namibia; even cooler at the Cape Cross seal colony; hot and dry at the Sossusulei dunes; warm to hot watching the animals at the salt pan waterhole in Etosha; and cold in the morning to hot in mid-day at Kirkman's Camp in Northeast South Africa.  The variety of wildlife is quite amazing.  I found their behavior facinating as well.  I hope to share some of my images as well as stories over the next few months, as soon as jetlag resolves and I catch up with life. 

Eyes of Africa

The wildlife of Africa have such soulful eyes.  Perhaps due to the struggles of their day to day existence.