Monday, September 20, 2010

Fake Double Exposures IN CAMERA with Canon

Canon does not have a setting to allow in camera double exposures like the Nikon.  Tony Sweet's Blog wrote about a work around for Canon that I found interesting.  He uses a single long exposure, such as 2.5 second.. During the exposure he zooms in for a fraction of a second several times along the way for the duration of the exposure. 
I tried this - but not very happy with the results.  See what you think, but I prefer Nikon and the real deal!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photographing Fireworks_Guidelines

Tips on Shooting Fireworks and the Post Production:
1. Use a tripod.
2. Use a cable release so you can watch the firework rocket trajectory with both eyes on the sky.
3. Use a zoom lens - 70 to 200 mm or more unless you need to capture the background.
4. Put the camera on manual and set the Shutter Speed for around 4 seconds and aperture of f 11.
5. Manual focus to infinity.
6. ISO 200.
7. Take an interesting background exposure - more wide angle. Use this as your background layer in Photoshop.
8. In Photoshop, choose your background image and then the other single fireworks images and adjust each in Camera RAW. Open your background image first. Use the Lasso tool (L) to select areas to use of each individual fireworks images and with the Move tool (V) drag each onto a new layer above your background image.
9. Blend each layer with Lighten.
10. Reposition each display (on it's own layer) with the Move tool (V) as needed.
11. Then use the hi pass filter to sharpen as needed. (Flatten and then Duplicate the background layer, then select Filter, Other, Hi Pass filter, adjust for thin white lines, then select the Overlay Blend Mode).
One is a blend and I'm sure you could tell which one!! Enjoy and have fun. This new technique worked better for me then the bulb with the black card I had used in the past. I will try again over Labor Day and post my new attempts. Share yours with me. Hopefully Earl will not cancel the events all around the coastline.