Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The phrase "swan song" is a reference to an ancient belief that the Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) is completely mute during its lifetime until the moment just before it dies, when it sings one beautiful song.By extension, swan song has become an idiom referring to a final theatrical or dramatic appearance, or any final work or accomplishment.

I am starting this blog as a jumping off point to stimulate a dialogue with successful people changing careers or finding a new creative one that utilizes more of the the right brain (after a job loss due to today's economy or just retiring from a long term career). An interesting article in WIRED talks about the new Conceptual Age: ruled by artistry, empathy, and emotion. The left-brain thinking of the Information Age, leading to the excesses and mismanagement of wall street and the loss of trust, doesn't work anymore. The scales are tilting in favor of right brain-style thinking.

Now is the time to re invent yourself. Use your right brain and be creative. Photography, Painting, Watercolor, poetry...... Learn to look at art with new eyes; the windows to our mind. Look forward to your comments.


  1. The blog looks great. The content is already interesting and useful.

    Best wishes.

    Robert Herman

  2. Very nice, Judith! The content is interesting and stimulating! The page looks great!

    "Now is the time to reinvent yourself. Use your right brain and be creative..."
    I like that - its great advise that I plan to follow. Thanks!

    Bobby Baker