Monday, February 22, 2010

Mixed Media Photography by Guest: Andy Mars

Mixed Media Photography
Tips for Hand-Coloring

by guest photo artist ANDY MARS

List of recommended supplies: Chalk Pastels (Prismacolor Nupastel)
Pastel Pencils (preferably Conte)
Kneader Eraser
Acrylic Paint
Watercolor Paint
Gouache Paint (pronounced gwash - opaque watercolor paint)
Pigma Micron Archival Ink
Paint Brushes
Matte photo paper (Highly recommend Epson Radiant White Watercolor paper- absorbs colors well)

The materials I use in hand-coloring an image depend on the subject matter. For example, shooting
flowers using a slow shutter speed or shallow depth of field to create blurred soft images can become
a one-of-a-kind piece of art work using pastel chalk and watercolor. Outlining a sharp image with a
sharpie will define the image and add contrast, thus creating an interesting effect in the outcome.
Sometimes I'll overexpose a print so I will have more control on how much I will "hand-color" it,
sometimes with bright acrylic paint, other times with just a touch of watercolor. I also may achieve
what I want by using a combination of materials including acrylic & gouache paint, pastel chalk
and/or pencils. Your photograph is your palette. The rest is up to you!
Andy Mars also gives private lessons - in the New York City area.
See her blog for a great creative promo piece idea as well at :